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  • Fiberglass (patteraless)burmese python replica DWA138Fiberglass (patteraless)burmese python replica DWA138
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  • Albino patternless burmese python,FRP Fiberglass sculpture,Paleontology model,Playground equipment ,animatronic Animals in zoo ,School science education

    1).Material: Advance Resin + Fiberglass

    2).Movements: None

    3).Sounds: None

    4).Power: None

    5).Accessories included: None

    6).Remarks: All of our animatronics products made up of well treated metal frame ( international export standard) Movements,skined and fleshed with a high density foam , sculpted by our professional artists team with a high grade silicon rubber , which make an alive-look , good touch and smooth movements animatronic dinosaurs .


    Our company is professional for making any types of animatronic dinosaurs , animals and artificial plants. We copy and make animals according to the original one . You can feel the charm of the nature and animals world even you are living in the city.


    We believe that quality is the most important promise that we give to our clients. For the finished models , we carry out the policy of "no inspect , no leave "

    The dinosaurs and other models we made is based on the replica of dinosaurs fossils in the museum , which perfectly match to the original one. Whatever how big the dinosaur is , we will finish the models completed in accordance with the customers ' requirements.


    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use .

    Can be displayed at Exhibition show , Dino & theme park , Museum , Playground , Exhibition show , Super market etc...


    Dimensions : L=6m ( This animal can be shipped with a whole unit )


    The recovery process of an ice age animal woolly rhinoceros

    The teaching equipment in education
    The replica's making process of rainforests animals - giant snake

    The recovery process of a ancient creatures - giant beaver
    This is a robotic animal which can make body movements , which use the material of metal frame inside and silicon rubber outside , engines and gear boxes will be installed into the body of animals

    Shipping method and shipping time

    By Air

    ( 6Days-9Days )

    By Train

    ( 27days-45days )

    By Sea

    ( 21days-38days )

    Domestic Carriage

    ( 3Days-5Days )

    Materials of animatronic dinosaur

    High Density Foam

    Steel Frame


    Brushless Motor


    Glass Glue

    Gear Reducer


    The list of the accessories that we sent to clients with dinosaurs together



    Animatronic dinosaur model

    Rock Speaker

    Control box

    Artificial Coconut Tree

    Remote control

    Trunk-shaped coin collector


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